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5 Great Outdoor Fundraising Event Ideas

Outdoor Fundraising Event IdeasOutdoor events serve as great fundraising opportunities. This is especially true during the spring and summer months. And no matter what cause you’re trying to draw attention to or raise funds for, there are plenty of ways to pull off the perfect event. From the event lighting Phoenix AZ specialists, here are the best outdoor fundraising event ideas.

The Top 5 Outdoor Fundraising Events

Here are our top 5 outdoor fundraising events:

  1. Hold a Car Wash

Outdoor Fundraising Event IdeasA car wash is perhaps the most popular and easiest outdoor fundraising event. You’ll need little more than soap, water and a location to stage the event. There are dozens of locations to choose from, such as a local school, park, church or gas station. You can draw attention to the fundraiser easily too, using sign holders at corners and by promoting the event on social media. And instead of charging a flat price for a car wash, encourage a donation for your cause. You may receive much more than you hoped to get!

  1. Hold an Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is the perfect fundraiser for warm spring or summer evenings. Before planning the event, make sure you can get a permit in your area. After that, you’ll need a projector and scree, a sound system and plenty of food and drinks. While an outdoor movie night will be more expensive to stage, it provides the opportunity for several streams of donations. You can see if a corporation is interested in sponsoring the event. You can also receive donations from the sales of food, drinks and tickets.

  1. Hold a Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are another popular outdoor fundraising event. However, be prepared to do a great deal of planning to pull it off. In addition to sponsors and a location, you’ll need plenty of volunteers, prizes, food and drinks. You may also need to provide some sort of insurance. All this work will pay off, as the average golf tournament brings in about $5,000 for a cause or organization.

  1. Plan a Barbecue

Outdoor Fundraising Event IdeasSometimes just want to sit down and eat, and that’s why barbecues make our list of great fundraising events. This is the type of event many people will jump at the chance to be involved in. Many restaurants will be happy to cater an event that serves a good cause. You can also set up a competition involving the best cooks and grill masters in the area, and offer prizes for different categories, such as the best hot dogs or most popular dish. You can even combine the barbecue with a pool party.

  1. Organize a Road Race

Road races are becoming one of the more popular fundraising events and there are several reasons why. Most races begin first thing in the morning, allowing competitors to take part and still have the rest of the day. Many races now involve fun themes, such as color runs or costumed-themed races. And there’s no limit to the number of corporate sponsors you can add, as many will be happy to jump on board to help your organization.